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2023 Cabrinha XCAL CARBON - Twin Tip Kiteboard

2023 Cabrinha XCAL CARBON - Twin Tip Kiteboard

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SIZES: 135 X 41 / 138 X 42 / 141 X 43

The Xcal Carbon is the most responsively tuned board in the Cabrinha range leading to exceptional freestyle performance.  The most important stage of any trick is the take off and it’s here where the specific use of Japanese Toray carbon construction and the aggressive quad tip channels produce explosive & predictable pop.  

High speed landings are absorbed with ease through the centre double concave shape.  When sheer performance is all that matters the Xcal carbon is your go to stealthy performer.


  • Aggressive quad tip channels for backfoot grip and improved pop
  • Rail channels for maximum edge control
  • double concave in center for smooth and controllable landings
  • High end construction for performance and speed in all conditions
  • Exclusive use of Japaneese Toray structural carbon
  • Stiff flex pattern for a rapid response & explosive pop
  • Excellent upwind drive.

    Included with the board:
    4x 40mm fins, 4x washers, 10x m6x16mm screws, grab handle.


    From Cabrinha: XCAL CARBON

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