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2023 Cabrinha METHOD THRUSTER - Surfboard

2023 Cabrinha METHOD THRUSTER - Surfboard

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SIZES: 4'10" X 17.6" X 1.9" X 18.5L / 5'0" X 18.1" X 2" X 20.7L / 5'4" X 18.6" X 2.1" X 23.7L

The evolution of strapless riding is hitting all new highs.  The Big Air resurgence in kiting has paved a way for a new generation of strapless riding.  Riders are pushing the boundaries and throwing moves that not only challenge what was thought possible on surfboards, but also that seems to defy the laws of physics.

The Method is the board for this new generation and beyond.  

The square outline and fast rocker line help keep on track and ready for the next trick.  The wide tail and tail channel help when loading up ready for take off.   With progressive volume distribution through out the board, you can touch down with ease and get ready for the next wave or aerial trick. 


  • NEW: IsoFlex - Lightweight fiberglass sandwich construction with PVC deck reinforcement.
  • CNC machined High density EPS core for a precise shape and superior flex characteristics
  • NEW: refined and thinned out rail flow for improved grip/pop and turning
  • NEW: tail channel to single concave for improved grip when loading into tricks
  • NEW: Square nose outline for a stable ride and balanced takeoff
  • NEW: fast rocker line to allow for excess speed when loading up

    Includes:  Includes full Dakine Modular EVA pad and molded thruster fin setup.


    From Cabrinha: METHOD THRUSTER

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