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2023 Cabrinha MANTIS APEX - Wing

2023 Cabrinha MANTIS APEX - Wing

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SIZES: 4M / 5M / 6M

The Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. Not only does the wing perform amazingly in waves, on ocean downwinders, but it’s also proved itself to excel on the racecourse or on the lakes and flat water venues.

The Mantis Apex series takes the performance to a whole new level through the introduction of the Ultra HP frame material. Aside from a 22% weight saving in frame material, the big benefit comes from the ability to hold higher pressures, allowing us to reduce the LE diameter while maintaining stiffness. This leads to a leaner profile and a higher performing product.


(Leash sold separately) 

  • Medium Dihedral
  • Refined wingtip twist for increased sheeting range
  • Lean LE profile
  • Controllable power in a wide range of wind conditions
  • High pressure reflex frame - Ultra-HP - inflated structure
  • High rigidity single strut for low weight and predictable depower
  • 2x Sprint inflate Valve for maximum airflow
  • EVA Hi-Aero, light weight battens for increased leech stability
  • Hi-vis, Weather resistant, low elongation TPU window
  • Widespan anti-twist handles
  • Load path panel layout


From Cabrinha: MANTIS APEX
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